Restricted and/or Prohibited Items

  • Any items which, in the opinion of management, have the potential to cause injury or a nuisance or inconvenience to any other person;
  • Glass, drink bottles or cans;
  • Spray cans and aerosols;
  • Alcoholic beverages cannot be brought onto, or leave the venue;
  • Due to safety concerns, the collection/removal of cans/bottles from the venue is prohibited;
  • Large eskies, containers, and bags larger than 30cm x 40cm
  • Umbrellas are not permitted in the auditorium. Storage of umbrellas is available at external doors;
  • No commercial food to be brought into the venue;
  • Flares/fireworks, explosives or laser pointers;
  • Knives or other dangerous weapons;
  • Refuse entry of horns, trumpets, sirens, musical instruments or vuvuzela type of noise-making devices;
  • Animals, including dogs and other pets (exception for certified service animals);
  • Any item, which as deemed by WIN Entertainment Centre, can cause public nuisance or offence to any user of the stadium;
  • Scooters, roller skates, skateboards, hoverboards or push bikes;
  • Confetti, glitter or shredded paper;
  • Cameras and recording devices (for commercial purposes) including tripods, selfie sticks, drones, go-pros and oversized lenses;
  • Mobile phones are permitted inside, provided they are used only for personal and private use (excluding the recording or transmission of an event for commercial purposes);
  • Oversized banners and flags which are deemed to cause a public nuisance. Specific conditions may apply for some events regarding the entry of flagpoles, flags and banners.

General Conditions / Right of Refusal

  • We do permit one factory sealed PET bottle, under 600mL and non-alcoholic
  • Entry to the venue is subject to the holding of a valid ticket or pass. Any person who purchases an event ticket from an unauthorised source or from a ticket scalper may be refused entry.
  • WIN Entertainment Centre reserves the right to undertake appropriate security inspections of all persons entering WIN Entertainment Centre, including the inspection/search of any belongings, bags, and packages (regardless of size), metal detector wanding and pat-down searches. Persons refusing to undergo such security processes will be refused entry to the WIN Entertainment Centre.
  • Security may undertake ‘pat down’ searches, failure to consent may result in refusal of entry.
  • Pass-outs for re-entry to WIN Entertainment Centre will not be issued, unless permitted further to any Specific Conditions or Event Conditions.
  • Unauthorised entry into restricted areas is prohibited – Fines and banning from the venue apply.
  • A patron must not attempt to conceal their identity, either at the point of entry or whilst inside the venue. WIN Entertainment Centre will respect cultural differences and medical conditions; but reserve the right to either refuse entry or remove anyone who conceals their identity intently.
  • Refusal to comply with a reasonable authorised request to leave an area or the venue may result in prosecution.
  • Patrons who cause a disturbance, or refuse to comply with requests made by staff will be evicted from WIN Entertainment Centre.
  • If patrons contravene any terms and conditions, they may be removed from the Venue and have their ticket confiscated and / cancelled without refund or recompense.
  • Patrons are not permitted to throw any objects around or within the WIN Entertainment Centre premises.
  • Due to safety reasons, strollers and prams are not permitted into WIN Entertainment Centre’s Auditorium. Strollers may be placed in the venue’s stroller bays located in the foyers.
  • Due to safety concerns, the collection/removal of cans/bottles from the venue is prohibited.
  • WIN Entertainment Centre will not be held responsible for any damages to, loss or theft of a patron’s personal property.
  • Smoking is not permitted inside the venue (including e-cigarettes and vapes), and is only permissible in designated smoking areas outside the venue, at least 14m from entry/exit points & windows.
  • Video Surveillance is in use at this venue.
  • Some sporting and other activities are dangerous. Customers viewing such activities do so at their own risk.
  • Patrons must be appropriately clothed for public space and must wear shoes at all times.
  • Not to wear or otherwise display commercial, political or other offensive signage or logos.
  • Persons wearing ‘Colours’ or ‘Insignia’ on any clothing or other item identifying them as belonging to Outlaw Motor Cycle Gangs (OMCGs) or other groups as designated by the NSW Police Force are prohibited from entering WIN Entertainment Centre.

WIN Stadium practices the responsible service of alcohol. All persons entering WIN Stadium are advised that:

  • They are entering licenced premises;
  • Intoxicated persons will not be permitted to enter;
  • Persons in possession of liquor will not be permitted to enter;
  • Checking procedures will apply to prevent persons possessing liquor from entering;
  • Intoxicated persons will be removed from the premises;
  • It is an offence for minors to purchase and consume liquor;
  • It is an offence to purchase liquor for (or supply liquor to) minors;
  • Persons supplying liquor to minors will be reported to the Police and penalties apply under the Liquor Act 2007.

WIN Stadium reserves the right to update, modify or change these conditions of entry from time to time. Any changes will be posted and available at and may be available at entry points. The Event conditions, Ticket Conditions or Special conditions may be updated, modified or changed at any time, any such changes will be posted and available at the applicable website.


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